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Why Heating Maintenance Matters

Furnace Service

Thank goodness for central heating. It may be cold outside, but it’s so simply to just go to the thermostat, raise the temperature, and pretend that your home is a tropical getaway. It works almost like magic, so you might not give much thought to the heating system that is doing all the work.

Most people (aside from technicians) don’t spend much, if any, time thinking about the condition of their heaters. And it’s true that most furnaces and heat pumps are quite durable and long lasting when properly installed. That doesn’t mean, though, that they don’t need some care and attention.

Most technicians recommend annual maintenance

Ask a local HVAC technician, and they will tell you that you should have maintenance once per year for your air conditioner and once a year for your heater. Usually, heating maintenance is recommended in the fall—but it’s never too late.

Heating maintenance is a professional service in which a technician comes to your home to fine-tune your system and do a thorough inspection. The inspection may reveal problems with the system you weren’t aware of, including some that could be dangerous. That’s why it’s not too late to consider this service, even as spring approaches.

You cannot perform maintenance on your own

A technician’s inspection is not just glancing into your system and spotting the obvious problems. Most homeowners (who aren’t also technicians) won’t be able to spot dangerous issues like a small crack in a heat exchanger that could be leaking carbon monoxide into a home. You likely also may not realize when a motor is wearing down or an ignition system is not functioning quite right.

The tune-up is not something just anyone can do either. An HVAC technician’s thorough training means they know when to lubricate motors, adjust an electrical connection, or clean off an ignition system safely.

Prevent a heating system emergency

Aside from safety, repair prevention is one of the most important reasons to schedule a maintenance appointment. A heating system emergency often happens at the least convenient time, usually in the middle of a cold day when you need it most. Regular tune-ups help to prevent this from occurring, or the inspection can catch the problem sooner so you can schedule repairs before the system breaks down completely.

You can save money overall

Another reason to schedule maintenance is to save money! Tune-ups help a system run smoothly, thus using less energy. You also save on future repairs, especially if you sign up for a maintenance program.

A maintenance program is an agreement between you and your local HVAC contractor. You agree to a set payment schedule (ours includes low monthly payments of only about $8-$20 a month). In return, you get two tune-ups per year for your heater and air conditioner to keep them running smoothly and efficiently and lasting longer.

Many maintenance plans come with additional discounts that always work in your favor. We provide 10% discounts on repairs for all maintenance plan customers throughout the year!

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