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Maintenance Program

Protect your HVAC system and enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive maintenance program.

About Our Maintenance Program

Taking care of your heating and air conditioning equipment increases the expected service life of your system. Regular maintenance helps your most important home systems to run at peak performance, efficiency, and safety levels, and the easiest way to ensure your systems get the maintenance they need is to join our Service Club.

Get peace of mind from your HVAC system and help to prevent unexpected system failures by scheduling maintenance for your heating and air conditioning equipment once or twice a year. And never forget to schedule a maintenance appointment in Grand Rapids, MI again with a maintenance plan from GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc.

Why Should I Do Routine Maintenance on My System?

Just like changing the oil in your car, you need to get your home comfort system tuned up twice a year! By having a company provide documented tune-ups each year, you protect your warranty and may help prevent costly and untimely breakdowns.

All Tune-Ups Include:

Inspect Condensate Drains and Traps

  • Prevent water damage and the potential for mold formation. 

Test Capacitors

  • Ensure reliable operation and continued compressor and motor prevention. 

Inspect & Test Controls and Safeties

  • Keep operating costs low and prevent failures. 

Inspect Dampers to improve comfort. 

Inspect Filtration System Filters

  • Reduce energy use, reduce compressor strain, improve indoor air quality, and improve comfort.

Check Air Flow

  • Ensure proper air flow across the coil for proper humidity removal and reliable operation.

Visually inspect ductwork.

  • Identify obvious leaks, which reduce system efficiency and increase utility expense.

Tighten Electrical Connections

  • Ensure uninterrupted system operation. 

Measure & Record Voltage Amperage

  • Identify baseline operating conditions. 

Inspect Inside Evaporator Coil

  • Ensure heat transfer efficiency, reduce utility cost, and improve air quality. 

Vacuum and Wipe Return

  • Prevent dust buld up from entering unit. 

Cooling Tune-Ups Also Include:

Inspect and Clean Outside Condensing Coil

  • Restore heat transfer efficiency and reduce utility cost. 

Inspect Drain Lines & Traps

  • Reduce the risk of water back up & possible water damage.

Test Refrigerant Charge

  • Ensure optimum levels leading to lower utility usage and extend compressor life.

Heating Tune-Ups Also Include:

Inspect Burner Assembly

  • Improve combustion, reduce heat waste. 

Tune Burners

  • For more efficient burns, saving energy.

Inspect Ignition Assembly

  • Ensure reliable operation on demand.

Inspect Furnace Heat Section

  • Ensure safe operation and the absence of cracks from metal fatigue. 

Verify Flue Draft

  • Ensure dangerous gas by products are properly venting to the outdoors and flue pipes are free of obstruction.

Inspect Flue Pipe

  • Ensure no corrosion is present which can lead to cracks and the introduction of dangerous fumes into your home. 

Test Crankcase Heaters

  • Ensure proper compressor protection. 

Inspect & Adjust Blower Assembly

  • Extend motor life, improve air quality, and reduce sound. 

HEAT PUMP ONLY: Clean Outside Condensing Coil to restore heat transfer efficiency and reduce utility cost.

Features + Benefits

  • Semi-Annual Tune-Ups
  • 10% Repair Discount
  • Special Member Pricing
  • No-Breakdown Guarantee
  • $0 Diagnostic Fee
  • Retro Club — $19.00
  • Additional Units – $7.99
  • Filter Add-On — $12.99

No-Breakdown Guarantee

If your system breaks down this season after we have completed your precision tune-up, we will refund the cost of the tune-up toward your repair.

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