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What’s Wrong With My Electric Furnace?

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Searching online to troubleshoot your furnace can be hard, especially if you have an electric furnace.

Since gas furnaces are more common, you might get duped into reading a blog that’s focused on troubleshooting a gas furnace without even saying “gas furnace.”

That’s pretty unfair, and we understand this is a stressful situation if you’ve got a malfunctioning heating system.

We’ll be as specific as possible when talking about heating repair services in Grand Rapids, MI. Electric furnaces, while similar to gas furnaces in a few ways, are very different and run into their own problems. You might be encountering a malfunctioning system that is leaving your home cold and uncomfortable.

This blog is dedicated to describing some of the more common problems with electric furnaces, and how homeowners can understand what’s wrong and how important it is to call for expert services.

Tripped Circuits

Tripped circuits are a problem for any heating system, since they all require some form of electrical energy. But it’s much more likely to occur with an electric furnace because of how much electricity it draws to heat your home.

Since these systems are powered entirely by electricity, they’re going to trip circuits more frequently than gas furnaces or other heating units. However, most electric furnaces should be installed with the proper access to electrical energy.

Tripped circuits shouldn’t be a usual occurrence, and if they are, then you’re likely dealing with a problem that needs to be repaired. Make sure you’ve got a trained and certified professional to take a look at the issue at hand.

Clogged Air Filter

The air filter still needs to be changed out in an electric furnace system! Think about when you’ve got a stovetop with electric coils, they can get very dirty over time and have their heat transfer ability greatly reduced. The same thing can happen with your electric furnace.

Over time, dust and debris can settle on the components, making them malfunction and run into problems.

While the air filter is designed to keep these components safe from dust and other contaminants, without a proper changing every 1-3 months, it’s not going to be able to do its job adequately enough. So make sure you change the air filter to keep your system in good shape.

Missed Out Maintenance

If your electric furnace was not maintained at all in the past year, then it’s overdue! Maintenance is a key part of an electric furnace, since it relies on a whole host of electrical components to keep it safely running.

Without maintenance, some of the wires can fray, the coils can run inefficiently, and you might be unhappy with the quality of heating that comes from the system.

Maintenance is a great opportunity to see if any repairs need to be made as well. It’s a nice “check-in” with your HVAC technician so they can tell you what the future looks like.

For your next maintenance or repair appointment, contact GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc!

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