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Top 5 AC Myths We Need to Dispel

Facts 1

Myths are everywhere these days, and it’s up to the professionals to dispel them! We’re on a mission to make every job we perform and every piece of advice we give based on scientific, factual information. So, today we’re going to tackle some of the most pervasive myths about air conditioning services.

If you’ve found yourself believing some of these myths, don’t worry. This isn’t a jab at anyone who falls into the trap of believing something that’s incorrect. We all do it from time to time, and the important part is fixing what’s wrong the right way. If that means you need AC repairs then we can be the team to help you. Otherwise, let’s get into the details about what AC myths many of us believe and what’s really going on under the hood of your air conditioner.

Myth #1: Maintenance Is Optional

Too many homeowners just assume that once they get a good deal on an AC installation, they don’t have to do anything for 10-15 years. This is a fallacy we see with new cars and new houses, that once you make the initial investment, you’re all set for decades. This isn’t the case for any of these purchases. Just like for a house or a car, maintenance is a necessary piece of the puzzle.

When you invest in an air conditioner, you’re going to need to take care of it. You’ll need to replace the air filter every 1-3 months, schedule repairs when something goes wrong, and schedule yearly maintenance to keep it running efficiently. This is just a fact of being an air conditioner owner.

Myth #2: Prices Are Relatively High

Sometimes homeowners look at our repair or replacement prices and their jaws drop to the floor. They think about this expense relative to minor costs, like grocery shopping or furniture. Our prices aren’t just relative to the expensive machinery we service, they’re also relative to the time you’ll be set for. Scheduling professional service with us to repair or replace your air conditioner can keep you comfortable and lower your energy bills for years. This is usually worth the slightly more expensive price of service.

Myth #3: DIY Solutions Can Work

In many cases, DIY solutions are just not applicable when it comes to air conditioning technology. Sure, we advise you to replace your system’s air filter and unblock air vents, but we don’t advise you open up your system to see what’s wrong. You could end up causing more harm than good and voiding your system’s warranty. Call for professionals.

Myth #4: Amateur Service Is Worth It

Amateur service might be a whole lot cheaper than professional service, but it’s cheaper in quality too. You’re statistically more likely to run into obnoxious problems after an amateur fixes your system. Call for professional service to get long-term solutions.

Myth #5: Close Off Vents to Save Energy

Some homeowners close off certain air vents because they think it will save them energy. They think by only cooling “certain rooms,” their AC will work more effectively. That isn’t the case. Air conditioners can’t work properly when vents are closed off, and they’ll often work harder to reach those closed-off locations. This consumes more energy and costs more in the long run!

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