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Is a Heat Pump a Reliable Heater?

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The short answer to the question posed in the title of this post is: yes, absolutely. Heat pumps are among the most unique and revered of all heating systems on the market today. There are many different reasons for this, which we will get into below. One fact that we want to get out there right away, however, is that you are investing in more than just a heater when you purchase a heat pump. You are investing in a year-round comfort system, keeping you cool  all summer and warm all winter without the need for 2 separate systems.

That may sound too good to be true but, again, more on that below.

The other fact that we want to get out there right away is that, regardless of how great your heat pump of choice may be, regardless of who manufactured it, you are not going to enjoy the very best performance that it has to offer if you do not schedule your heat pump services with skilled, experienced professionals. That means that you’re in the right place, because you are reading this right now! Let us handle your heat  pump services in Grand Rapids, MI.

Heating AND Cooling? How Is That Possible?

Through the reversal of the refrigerant cycle. If you want to understand how it is that a heat pump works, just think of it as a central air conditioning  system capable of reversing its operation. Remember, an air conditioner doesn’t generate coolness somehow. It removes heat from the air, and it does so by evaporating refrigerant in the indoor coil, and then releasing that heat outside by condensing the refrigerant in the condenser coil.

A heat pump cools homes in the same way, but can also reverse its function thanks to its use of a component called a reversing valve. In the heating mode, the heat pump evaporates refrigerant in the outdoor coil, absorbing heat from the air outside—yes, even when that air is cold. The refrigerant is then compressed to boost its thermal energy. By condensing the refrigerant in the indoor coil, the heat pump is able to heat homes with incredible energy efficiency.

Is This Feasible in Very Cold Weather?

Yes, but we understand your concern. There is always heat available in the air outside, even when it is very cold out. However, once temperatures drop below a certain point, the heat pump, while still effective, will begin to lose efficiency. This is due to its use of electricity to help generate enough heat when the heat transfer process comes up a bit short.

That is why some homeowners choose to use a dual fuel heating system. Such systems include a gas furnace that will start up automatically when it is the more efficient option, and then the system switches back over to the heat pump when that’s the more efficient option. You’re investing in 2 systems, but you’re really getting 3. A furnace, steadfast and reliable, and a highly efficient heater plus an AC in the form of a single heat pump!

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