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How Much Attention Should You Pay to Your AC?

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This is an interesting question. Air conditioners are meant to function in the background, humming lightly while you watch a movie on a humid rainy night, or spend time taking a nap in the sun. However, when you don’t pay enough attention to your air conditioner, it could start to suffer from neglect. This will inevitably cause the repair needs to stack up, your monthly bills to skyrocket, and your budget to be trashed.

So, where’s the compromise? When should you be vigilant for any air conditioning repairs? And when are you paying too much attention to your air conditioner to the point where you’re like a helicopter parent to a machine that’s only job is to regulate the temperature? Let’s discuss both ends of this spectrum and see how much attention you should be paying to your AC.

Too Little Attention

Your air conditioner deserves a little bit of attention at least. This is important because homeowners who spend too little attention on their systems might forgo a service as important as maintenance. Maintenance needs to be scheduled once per year, which means any amount of yearly neglect will cause you to run into more repair needs, shorten the lifespan of your system, and cause inefficiencies to arise.

Basically, if you’re forgetting about your air conditioner so much to the point where you’re forgetting to schedule maintenance, you’re ignoring strange noises and smells, and you’re just running your system into the ground—that’s a big problem.

Too Much Attention

Here’s where things get tricky. A homeowner might spend too much attention on their air conditioner if they think there’s something wrong when there isn’t. For instance, if you’ve gotten maintenance performed on your AC every year, you’ve recently had it repaired, and it’s relatively new, then you should be able to relax a bit. If you’ve been through all of this and you believe your energy bills are too high, then either there’s a particularly unique problem occurring, or your bills could be rising due to increasing energy costs.

It’s important to take into account how much you’re able to relax and enjoy your life without having to stress over your AC. They’re not intended to be beasts of burden and cause you unneeded stress and work.

Just Right

Think hard about how often you pay attention to your air conditioner. Do you schedule maintenance yearly? Do you change the air filter every 1-3 months depending on how heavily you use it? Are you calling for repairs when something seems “off?” Then you can be pretty certain that your air conditioner doesn’t require any more attention.

The good news is—you’re a great AC owner! Congratulations, we’re happy to have you as a vigilant customer who pays just the right amount of attention.

When Should You Call Us?

Sometimes things aren’t as cut and dry as we’d like them to be. If you think your AC is suffering from a problem, or your energy bills are too high due to inefficiency, then we urge you to give our team a call. We might be able to solve the problem!

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