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Common Causes of Low Indoor Air Quality

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We know how important it is that you are able to live comfortably throughout the year, whether it is a frigidly cold winter season or the summer weather is threatening to burst your outdoor thermometer. We also know that maintaining comfortable temperatures throughout your home is only one part of a more complex and more demanding equation, though. We know that your indoor air quality is every bit as important to your comfort, not to mention your health, as indoor temperatures.

Fortunately for you, the technicians on our team do not excel exclusively in HVAC services. We also have the IAQ products and services that you need to keep the indoor air quality in your home as high as can be. Even if you know you have a problem with the quality of the air in your house, however, you may be a bit confused as to why this is the case. Today, we are going to shed some light on some of the more common causes of low indoor air quality that we encounter.

Leaky Ductwork

This is a major one. Leaky ductwork is a problem that many homeowners may associate with heating and air conditioning issues. They are not wrong in doing so. After all, leaky ductwork does often result in decreased comfort, even as heating and air conditioning costs continue to rise. It is a real problem for homeowners looking to live comfortably, but it seriously affects indoor air quality as well.

It is not just heat gain and loss that you have to worry about with leaky air ducts. It is pollutant gain, too! Your air ducts can pull in pollutants from the environments through which they pass. When that happens, they can then wind up distributing those pollutants throughout your entire home. Scheduling professional duct sealing in Grand Rapids, MI is one great way in which to protect indoor air quality.

Environmental Surroundings

A lot of factors may converge to cause subpar air quality in one’s home. The surrounding environment is a major one, and it is one that is really out of the homeowner’s control. If you live near a major roadway, an ongoing construction job, agricultural industries, or even just wooded areas, then the pollutants and odors stemming from the areas may drag down the quality of the air in your home.

While you may not be able to change your surrounding environment without packing up and moving house, you can take action to deal with the results that any such surroundings have on your indoor air quality. For instance, whole-house filtration systems and air purifiers can help you to deal with airborne pollutants like road dust, allergens like pollen and spores from the woods, and even foul odors!

General Cleanliness

We don’t expect homeowners to give up their shaggy pet pals just because they want to maintain better indoor air quality in their homes. You do have to be realistic, though, and realize that some indoor air quality problems will stem from having pets in the house. The same is true of smokers, and even doing a lot of cooking in the house if you don’t have great ventilation in place.

Dusting and vacuuming will address the issue, but can also stir up many pollutants in the house. What you really need is to pair these less-than-thrilling chores with the right IAQ systems for your needs. We’ll help you to determine which those may be.

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