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Your Ducts Need Professional Support

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Your Ducts Need Professional Support

Air ducts are a vital part of a home. Without them, the only option for people who enjoy forced-air heating to stay warm during the winter is with either a ductless heat pump system (which is usually pretty expensive), or space heaters.

Air ducts are necessary because they transport the heated air from the heating system to the rest of your house, so you can actually feel the heat that’s being created.

The truth is that your heating system could be in the best shape possible, but without air duct systems in good shape, it’s going to feel like your heating unit is broken.

It doesn’t matter what kind of heating system you have, air ducts in bad shape will be a big problem no matter what.

This blog post is a bit of a PSA about how you can detect when your ducts are leaking. Our team offers fast and reliable duct sealing in Wyoming, MI so you can get them fixed up and ready for the rest of the winter, or the seasons to come!

How Duct Problems Get Started

Every year your air ducts go from hot to cold. Sometimes that change can be quick, from 40° to 70° and back, meaning they’re expanding and contracting constantly.

If you remember your 6th grade science class, it might sound familiar that things expand and contract depending on how hot or cold they get.

Metal is one of those things that can loose structural integrity over time because it’s constantly expanding and contracting as temperatures change.

This is what mainly leads to leaks, gaps, holes, and tears arriving in the air ducts. These can lead to the following problems which may signal the need to invest in duct sealing services.

Noticing a Leaky Duct System

Here are just a few ways to detect if your ducts need professional help.

  • High heating bills. If your heater is working overtime to keep your home comfortable, then it might be due to the fact that the heat is leaking from your air ducts.
  • Drafts in your basement and crawlspace. Head into your basement or crawlspace and feel around while the heater is working. If you detect leaking heat, then your ducts need help.
  • Indoor air quality issues. When air leaks out, contaminants can leak in. This can lead to poor indoor air quality inside of your home, from more dust to bacteria and viruses making you and your family sick.
  • Poor temperature control. It becomes harder to accurately control the temperature when the ducts are leaking. If you’re constantly going to the thermostat to adjust the temperature because you just don’t feel the difference, then you might be dealing with ducts that need sealing.
  • Cold or hot spots. Cold spots can form in the winter and hot spots can form in the summer if your air ducts can bring the air to where it needs to go.

It might be time to finally get those pesky ducts sealed for good. Give our team a call so we can walk you through the duct sealing process.

Contact GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc for professional duct sealing services ASAP.

Dwight Engelsma Photo, Owner photo
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