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The Great Debate: Electric Vs. Gas Furnaces

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The Great Debate: Electric Vs. Gas Furnaces

Many homeowners have a preference between gas and electric furnaces. Some people we talk to think that gas furnaces are just more powerful and effective than electric furnaces. Other homeowners know that electricity is sustainable and cheap, so they opt for an electric furnace because they think it’s more efficient. Is there any weight to these claims?

It’s time we got to the bottom of this great debate. If you’re in the market for a furnace system, it’s time to figure out which system is better for your home. Gas and electric furnaces are very different and they operate in very specific ways, so it’s up to us to help inform homeowners so they can make the right choice. We’re always here to help you and your budget.

Let’s talk about furnaces in Grand Rapids, MI, and about the differences between gas and electric furnaces.

How Each Furnace Works

First, before we talk about which system is better, we need to talk about their major differences in how they work.

  • Electric furnaces work by using powerful electric coils that heat up using electrical resistance, in the same way that a space heater would. The difference is that they’re a centralized system that heats up the air that then gets sent into your ductwork and your rooms.
  • Gas furnaces burn clean-burning natural gas that quickly turns into efficient and powerful heat. This heat is sent through the ducts in your home in the exact same way.

The Most Powerful Heater

So, which heating system is the most powerful? It depends.

Electrical heating systems depend on the price of electrical energy, which is usually going to be higher than the price of natural gas. This means that if both systems are running at similar efficiencies, the gas furnace will likely heat your home more effectively.

That being said, they both have the power and capability to heat an entire home properly. It just depends on how much heating power you’ll need, your access to energy or natural gas, and what you’re prepared to pay for.

The Most Efficient Heater

The answer to this debate also depends on the efficiency rating of the specific model and how expensive electricity is in your area. In most cases, gas furnaces are more efficient to run in cold climates due to the fact that gas is produced locally and that many furnaces are running at above 95 AFUE ratings, which means they’re using all of the gas to provide heat for your home.

That being said, electric furnaces can still heat a home efficiently, especially if electricity is cheaper in your area due to how your municipality gets its energy.

The Most Affordable Heater

This is going to go to the electric furnace. Gas furnaces are only available for homes that have access to their municipality’s gas line, and even then they can cost a bit more than electric furnaces. Electric furnaces are available for any home with electricity, and they tend to be some of the most affordable systems on the market.

The Verdict

It’s a tie! Depending on your home, your situation, and your individual comfort needs, you might want to choose from either system. Luckily, our team provides installation and repairs for both!

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Dwight Engelsma Photo, Owner photo
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