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The Specifics Behind AC Maintenance

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The Specifics Behind AC Maintenance

What exactly takes place when you schedule AC maintenance? We’re not talking about marking your calendar or the act of setting up the appointment. We’re talking about the actual visit itself. What can you expect? What benefits can you seek to gain from such a service? If no other HVAC professional has been honest and open about this topic with you, then we’re here to break the mold.

AC maintenance is a great tool if you’re looking to limit the amount of visits you schedule for AC repair in Rockford, MI. Less routine, preventative maintenance means more frequent repair appointments, which are a lot less fun. Maintenance is all about efficiency, your comfort needs, and keeping costs low. Repairs are just about fixing something that went wrong.

Want to know what really happens on a maintenance visit when compared to a repair call? Keep reading!

What Happens?

An HVAC technician is not a wizard. They don’t show up to your house, wave their magic wand, and magically make your air conditioner better. In fact, they’re more like scientists. They use tried and tested inspection lists, technical tactics, and their knowledge of the mechanisms inside the system to determine the condition of it. Similarly to when a mechanic provides maintenance on your car, they’re able to address any problems before they become major problems. That saves you money in the long run.

The Benefits of Maintenance

So, what do you get out of maintenance? We’re glad you asked! Take a look below at some of the benefits you can get from maintenance.

  • Less frequent repair visits. When you sign up for AC maintenance, professionals like us can address problems before they become nuisances in your life. We tighten screws, lubricate ball bearings, and replace parts that look like they’re on the way out. This is always better and more affordable than calling for repairs every year.
  • Increased efficiency and system longevity. Air conditioners that receive yearly preventative maintenance always last longer than those that don’t. This is just a fact of life. Also, a system that doesn’t get maintenance loses, on average, 5% of its efficiency every year. That’s definitely worth avoiding!
  • Peace of mind. Doesn’t it feel better when you know for a fact that your AC is ready for the next summer season? Our professionals can give you that satisfied feeling.
  • Preparation for next year. If your AC isn’t in good shape and won’t last next year, knowing through a maintenance visit is a good way to start preparing for a replacement. Replacements are less of a hassle and easier to deal with when you’ve had time to prepare for them.
  • Discounts. Sometimes maintenance programs come with great discounts and benefits. Our maintenance program comes with a 10% discount off all repairs and no overtime service charges, meaning you’re really getting the most bang for your buck when you sign up.

Are you ready to start treating your AC system like the important appliance that it is? Call us for maintenance. We won’t let you down!

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Dwight Engelsma Photo, Owner photo
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