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Maintenance Isn’t Just About Efficiency

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Maintenance Isn’t Just About Efficiency

We talk a lot about heating maintenance on this blog. It’s a valuable tool for homeowners to achieve maximum efficiency, performance, and safety throughout the winter months. But we often try to frame it in a way of savings, because money is a common denominator that we all need to think about when it comes to our heating systems. However, the savings that you’ll achieve pale in comparison to this one benefit that heating maintenance gives you: safety.

Heating maintenance in Wyoming, MI is often centered on gas furnaces. They’re the most common heating appliances in the country and they’re extremely effective at what they do. But there’s no beating around the bush—they burn gas to heat a home. That means that, while they’re designed with many failsafe and safety precautions, they can become unsafe over time and endanger your family.

Maintenance is a great idea for customers who haven’t had their system looked at by a pro in years.

Safety Is Always Priority Number One

Look, we know that shiny statistics and dollar signs will draw in a lot of potential customers when it comes to scheduling heating maintenance, and our other blog posts show that. However, in this particular case, we want to be absolutely clear: nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of you and your family. That’s always going to be priority number one.

That’s why one of the main goals of furnace maintenance is safety, because that can be a big concern when a system has been neglected for 3, 5, or even 10 years. Gas furnaces don’t last forever and they can become increasingly unstable and unsafe when they’re forced to operate beyond their reasonable lifespan. So even if customers might not decide on a replacement, they should at least schedule maintenance to get their system inspected and cleaned.

Three Component Cleanings That Matter

One of the things we do when we provide maintenance for your gas furnace is clean the system. There are three important components that we make sure to clean, so your furnace can operate safely.

  • The burners. Burners can get gunked up with dirt, soot, and grime, causing them to have a delayed ignition. This can result in small, miniature explosions (often denoted as a booming sound), which can crack components can damage your furnace if not cleaned properly.
  • The flame or heat sensor. Your furnace has a flame or heat sensor that shuts the system off if it doesn’t detect any heat or a flame. This component should always be cleaned to ensure gas isn’t wasted or leaked.
  • The exhaust port. The exhaust port needs to be clear and open so the fumes created from combustion can safely leave your home.

We also inspect your system’s heat exchanger to ensure that it’s not cracked. If it is, that could mean that fumes and carbon dioxide are leaking into your home’s breathable air, which is a dangerous thing to encounter.

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Dwight Engelsma Photo, Owner photo
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