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Can My Heating System Be Repaired?

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Can My Heating System Be Repaired?

Heating-furnace-gasWhen something goes wrong with your heater, you’re likely hoping that the system can be repaired. After all, it’s typically much less expensive to make a repair for your heater than to replace such a costly system. That is, unless you’re making repairs that won’t stand the test of time. Sometimes, it’s simply impossible to repair an older heating system. Other times, it may be possible to repair your heater, but it won’t hold up, meaning you pay spend more money with time.

Of course, there are many times when a simple heating repair is all you need. While you’ll have to call a technician in to check your system and tell you for sure, we want to help you understand why sometimes, replacing your older heater just makes sense. Here’s a primer on knowing the difference between furnace repair and replacement, but call our team for a proper diagnosis!

How Old Is Your Furnace?

An older furnace that experiences problems is, of course, not necessarily it’s death sentence. It’s normal to have to repair a wiring issue sometimes or replace a small part like the thermocouple. It’s just something that happens. But when you have to repair your furnace every few months, when efficiency starts to suffer and you just can’t seem to get comfortable, age should be taken into account.

Furnaces only have a lifespan of about 10-15 years, although some can last longer with excellent maintenance. After this point, though, efficiency isn’t your only concern; it’s safety as well. Consider replacing a furnace sooner rather than later, so that you won’t have to worry about sudden system breakdowns in the middle of winter or worse, a possible safety hazard.

How Much Do Repairs Cost?

As we mentioned above, some repairs are normal, and shouldn’t be a major cause for concern. But get a quote from your technician first. Is that repair really worth it? If it’s the third $300+ repair you’ve made in the last year or two, that’s too much! If it turns out that a repair will cost you about half the price of a brand-new system, that’s too much as well!

Is a repair really worth it? Often, repairs only serve as a patch. If one major component fails, the rest are sure to follow eventually. Is it worth paying hundreds of dollars only to spend thousands more to replace it in a year or two? It may simply make more sense to replace the system now and start saving on the cost of running the furnace today.

How Can You Make Your Furnace Last Longer?

All of this brings us to the final question you may have if it turns out your heating system can be repaired after all: how can I make sure it does last as long as I need it too?

Proper maintenance is key. Maintaining your air conditioner can help to prevent repairs for longer. There are three main ways to do this.

  • Call a technician at the first sign of furnace trouble, so that a small problem does not progress into something much worse.
  • Change your filter once a month, in order to prevent problems caused by low airflow.
  • Routine furnace maintenance involves a technician’s inspection and tune-up, improving efficiency and preventing repairs or helping to detect them early.

GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc offers furnace services throughout Grand Rapids, MI.

Dwight Engelsma Photo, Owner photo
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