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Get Your AC Ready for Summer!

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Get Your AC Ready for Summer!

It’s spring, which means we’re in spring cleaning mode! Many people are starting to open their windows, sweep the dirt off their front porches, and you might have even heard a lawnmower or two. This is the season to prepare for more time outdoors, gardening, and even time hosting friends and family in your home. That third part is going to depend on the quality and condition of your air conditioning system, though.

Never fear! We know how to help homeowners get into the spring and summer groove. This blog post is going to be our little guide on how to prepare your air conditioner for the warm weather ahead. While scheduling AC maintenance in Grand Rapids, MI is going to be the first good step, you’ll need to invest some time and effort into hosing the system down and getting it cleaned up so it can adequately cool your home.

Uncover the System and Wash It Off

First things first, let’s get out there and uncover your air conditioner! It might be covered up from last fall with a cool, sleek cover. Or it could have a tarp over it. Either way, that’s going to need to come off so the system has access to fresh air.

Then, take a hose and just rinse it off with some cold water. This will make sure that the dust and dirt can flow away from the vents giving it better access to the air.

Set Your Thermostat Correctly

There are two major things you’ll need to do to your thermostat in order to properly set it up for the summer. The first thing you should do is set the system from “heating mode” to “cooling mode.” This is to ensure the system signals to your air conditioner rather than your heater.

Then, you’ll want to set the temperature to a mild degree. The upper 70s is a good choice, since it makes sure the system doesn’t turn on until it’s verifiably hot outside.

Open Up Your Air Vents

Take a tour through your home and look for any air vents that are connected to the central ductwork of your HVAC system. Uncover them, wipe them off, and even move furniture to ensure maximum airflow from the ductwork of your home. These vents are crucial to having proper cooling in all of the important places of your home.

Change the Air Filter

Before you turn your air conditioner on for the season, make sure you change the air filter. This is located in the return air duct and it’s a simple component to clean and replace. If you need help with this, make sure you call us for help.

Schedule Maintenance

Once everything is in place, schedule a maintenance appointment so we can take a look under the hood. We’ll make adjustments, minor repairs, and even help improve the performance of the system. This is also a good opportunity for you to show off and let us know just how much you’ve been preparing!

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Dwight Engelsma Photo, Owner photo
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