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What You Gain from a Wi-Fi Thermostat

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What You Gain from a Wi-Fi Thermostat

family-child-tablet-home-outlineHaving Wi-Fi in your home has given you much of the world’s knowledge right at your fingertips. It’s allowed you to order books and household goods right to your door, to learn what’s going on in any part of the world, and to watch virtually any movie made before this year any time you want. And soon, everyone you know with Wi-Fi in the home will be able to say they use it to control what goes on in the house as well.

Smart home technology is the latest and greatest of what Wi-Fi has brought us, and it’s spreading quickly. If you want to get in on the action, perhaps the best place to start is with a Wi-Fi thermostat. Learn why our heating and air conditioning technicians and their families love these smart thermostats and how you can get them for your home, too.

What’s to Love about Wi-Fi Thermostats

So what makes thermostats the latest craze in the Wi-Fi world? Once just a boring necessity found on walls, more and more people tell us “I love my new thermostat!” It connects to the Wi-Fi in your home in order to let you use it from anywhere.

Why would you need to use your thermostat when you weren’t home? Think about the last time you left the heat on blast even though you planned to be away most of the day. You probably spent a small portion of the day wishing you could turn back time. We can’t give you that power, but a Wi-Fi thermostat is the next best thing!

Programmable thermostats are a great way to conserve energy, but they can be difficult to use, especially if your schedule is not fixed from week to week. Let’s say you planned to be out on vacation until Saturday, but your plane was delayed until Sunday. You programmed the thermostat to change the temperature right before you arrived, but now you’ll waste a day’s worth of energy…not when you have a Wi-Fi thermostat!

The Many Ways to Save

There are so many ways to save money when you have a Wi-Fi thermostat instead of a standard manual or digital thermostat or even a programmable thermostat.

  • By using the thermostat when you are away, you can make adjustments that prevent you from wasting energy.
  • Many smart thermostats include ways to track your energy usage throughout the days, so you can make smarter decisions about the most efficient way to use your thermostat.
  • Set a schedule that works for you, without having to stick to rigid week and weekend requirements often used in standard programmable thermostats.

How You Can Have this Technology ASAP

Want this technology in your home as soon as possible? We don’t recommend attempting to put it in on your own. Some modern thermostats have fairly easy setup to begin with, but it’s important to make sure it’s compatible with every part of your heating and air conditioning system. Anytime you’re dealing with potentially complex AC, heating, and electrical work, it’s important to leave it to a professional. Luckily, your local technicians likely offer this service.

Get your new Wi-Fi thermostat in Rockford, MI and expert help from the people at GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc.

Dwight Engelsma Photo, Owner photo
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