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Your Furnace Might Be Giving You Dry Air

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Your Furnace Might Be Giving You Dry Air

There’s a problem that we’d like to discuss when it comes to forced-air heating systems. When air is heated by a heating system and not through natural climate processes, it can create exceptionally dry air. If you think about it, you’re just taking cold air from the outdoors and heating it up. That cold air is already dry and even though it’s being heated, there’s no moisture being added to the air.

Basically, dry air and furnace heating systems go together hand in hand. While many homeowners might choose to ignore this instead of investing in proper IAQ and heating services in Cascade, MI, we hope there are a few that might listen to our advice. Coupling your heating system with a humidifier might be an amazing way to turn your home into a warm and comfortable sanctuary without sacrificing the quality of your air and humidity.

Dry Air Is a Big Problem

Let’s talk about dry air. You might think that dry air is more comfortable, since humidity is related to feeling sticky and uncomfortable during the summer, but this isn’t really the case. Your choices aren’t dry or humid air, the perfect place is somewhere in between those two ends. Humidity is a spectrum, and having somewhere between 30-50% humidity is going to be your ticket towards feeling more comfortable.

Dry air can crack your skin, your scalp, and also cause your nostrils to dry up which will lead to you getting sicker more often. With humidity, your nose’s mucus membrane will be able to catch more contaminants before they enter your lungs and cause damage to your body. Not to mention the fact that dry air contributes to more static electricity, and the death of household plants that require a certain amount of moisture to thrive. Basically, you’re not doing yourself a favor when your heater is causing your home’s air to get dry.

Combat Dry Air During the Winter

The problem of dry air gets especially bad during the winter. Cold air temperatures cause air to lose humidity, since most humidity ends up condensing and turning into either snow or ice. This climate condition can last for months on end, so not having a way to create a humid space for yourself and your family can lead to some uncomfortable living conditions.

Combine Your Heating System With a Humidifier

Look, we’re not saying that your home needs to have humidity in order for it to be perfectly comfortable. Every home and every person is going to be different. What we’re just trying to say is that humidifiers and heating systems should work together to ensure maximum comfort levels and temperature control. We think it’s a good idea for homeowners to invest in a humidifier while at the same time purchasing maintenance or repairs for their forced-air heating system so that it’s not making things too dry due to a problem. When both of these systems are treated with care, they can work to make your home feel much more like a spa than a dried-out pantry!

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Dwight Engelsma Photo, Owner photo
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