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Everything to Know About an AC Warranty

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Everything to Know About an AC Warranty

One of the most common frequently asked questions we get is “Do your AC systems have good warranties?” While that might depend on the product and the season, the truth is that many homeowners want to learn more about warranties and how they might relate to AC repair in Ada, MI. An air conditioner that’s protected with a thorough warranty is going to be cheaper to repair than one without.

However, that doesn’t mean you can just purchase an AC with a warranty and just forget about it. Many warranties come with fine print that requires yearly maintenance in order for the system to remain covered. There are a lot of aspects about purchasing a new system covered with a warranty that we want to make sure are crystal clear for our prospective customers and our community. Keep reading to learn more!

How a Warranty Works

Warranties are like a protective shield on your air conditioner when it’s installed. Like some high-tech piece of equipment from a 70s sci-fi show. If anything goes wrong with the system, the protective plan activates and you’re not held liable for the price of the work.

All jokes aside, every warranty will protect different aspects of a system, it just depends on the warranty and the provider. Certain warranties only cover your air conditioner for a certain number of years, while others can protect a certain type of repair need or just labor costs.

Either way, your job as a homeowner is to do everything in your power to keep that warranty together. The moment the warranty is voided, you can start to see some serious trouble.

The Fine Print of a Warranty

Many warranties have fine print which details specific situations when they might become void. For instance, most warranties rely on yearly HVAC maintenance in order to keep them in effect. If you neglect your air conditioner, then a few years later a repair need pops up and you think your warranty might protect it, you could be wrong! Make sure that if maintenance is required, you invest in it so your system can stay protected and you can avoid paying extra costs.

Also, some warranties have a specific clause in them that prohibits DIY repairs unless by a licensed HVAC provider. This is serious, and it means that the moment you open up your air conditioner to check on a problem or try to fix anything yourself, you could be held liable for any costs after that, regardless of what type of warranty you have. Yikes!

Take Care of Your System and Warranty… They Will Take Care of You!

Your warranty is worth the price and the diligence. Many homeowners think they can just sign up for a warranty and forget about their air conditioners, but this is not the case. You need to remain vigilant, sign-up for maintenance services, and make sure you’ve got a licensed air conditioning technician on-hand to provide any repairs needed.

Call GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc to invest in proper AC repairs.

Dwight Engelsma Photo, Owner photo
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