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Dual Fuel Heating: An Innovative Solution

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Dual Fuel Heating: An Innovative Solution

If you’ve never heard of dual fuel heating, or you’re just now learning about this term, then you’re in luck! Our team specializes in dual fuel heating solutions, and this blog post is going to be an informative guide on how to best invest in one, and when one might be good for your home. Not every house is going to be good for a dual fuel heating system, and not every budget can afford this kind of upgrade, so it’s important to do your research before making a huge commitment.

Dual fuel heating systems in Kentwood, MI are revolutionary new ways to approach heating in a northern climate. We combine the power of a gas furnace with the efficiency and versatility of a heat pump to give your home year-round temperature control. It doesn’t matter how hot or cold it gets, your home will always be comfortable and efficient.

How Does a Dual Fuel System Work?

Dual fuel systems are mainly for customers in our neck of the woods, where we get hot summers and cold winters. They combine the heating power of a gas furnace, with the electrical energy efficiency and convenience of a heat pump to work together. Here are their three main strategies:

  1. When temperatures are hot in the summertime, the heat pump will work as an air conditioner, sending cooled, conditioned air into your home.
  2. When spring or fall leads to mild temperatures, the heat pump can make sure that your home stays at a comfortable temperature setting while also operating at peak efficiency levels.
  3. On those cold winter days where a heat pump just doesn’t cut it, the gas furnace kicks in to keep your home nice and cozy.

With a dual fuel system, you get two unique fuel sources to provide powerful heating and cooling to your home.

Is My Home Set Up for This?

That’s a good question! Dual fuel systems can be set up in most homes. They’ll need ductwork since the centralized heating and cooling system operates in one area to send air to the rest of your home. They can also be a substantial financial investment since you’re essentially purchasing two HVAC systems in one–but the good news is that they last for over a decade and they’re some of the most efficient and eco-friendly options on the market!

Why Choose a Dual Fuel System?

Here are three distinct reasons why you might choose a dual fuel system:

  • Efficiency. Heat pumps are incredibly efficient when they’re cooling or heating your home. And, with the help of a gas furnace with a high AFUE rating, the system will continue to operate efficiently on cold days as well!
  • Power. Get the efficiency of a heat pump without the risk of feeling uncomfortable on our exceptionally chilly winter days. A gas furnace will always be up to the task.
  • The best of both worlds. Essentially, this system takes the best perks of each system (heat pump and furnace) and combines them so you get a highly efficient and powerful heater to keep you comfortable.

Contact GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc to invest in a dual fuel heating system!

Dwight Engelsma Photo, Owner photo
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