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Are You Dealing With a Refrigerant Leak?


Refrigerant leaks can be a nuisance to deal with. They’re problems that can make strange noises, they can impact your energy bills, and they can even lead your air conditioner to start pumping out lukewarm air. For the price of electricity these days, a malfunctioning air conditioner can make anyone’s blood boil, which is why we want to address one of the most common problems that occur in AC units.

Air conditioners rely on refrigerant in order to cool the space in your home. Without proper amounts of refrigerant, what we would call the “charge” of refrigerant, the system might not be able to adequately cool your home to the proper temperature. And, for customers with heat pumps, these systems can also suffer from refrigerant leaks since they use the same type of cooling, just in reverse to heat a home.

For everyone who is experiencing a refrigerant leak, you can call our team for AC repair in Walker, MI.

How Does a Refrigerant Leak Occur?

Refrigerant leaks don’t naturally happen. In fact, your air conditioner is set up with the correct amount of refrigerant that it will need for the rest of its lifespan. If a refrigerant leak does occur, it can come about due to some unforeseen circumstances like those listed below.

How to Detect a Refrigerant Leak?

Here are a few ways to detect if you’re dealing with a refrigerant leak.

Get Your AC Fixed Today

Air conditioners that are leaking refrigerant are running on borrowed time. Eventually, that system will either break down or cease to cool the air in your home by just blowing lukewarm air through the vents in your home. Sometimes, a leaking refrigerant can even start growing ice on the coils of the system. We urge any homeowners to invest in AC repairs if they think their system is the victim of a refrigerant leak.

Contact GRmetro Heating and Cooling to have your AC fixed properly.

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