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3 Ways to Improve Your AC Efficiency


The summers here in Grand Rapids can be relentless. You will have to continue using your air conditioner to ensure that you and your family can stay safe from the boiling hot Michigan sun. With all the hard work that your air conditioner will be doing throughout the summer, you might already get the feeling that your electricity bills will not paint a pretty picture for your finances.

Many people think that there is nothing that they can do about the bills because they need their air conditioners to keep their homes cool. Making your AC work so hard can also take a toll on your unit, causing significant damage and the need to call professionals for AC repair in Grand Rapids, MI, quite frequently.

What if we told you that it is possible to enjoy very comfortable indoor temperatures without the hefty bills and additional strain to your air conditioner?

This guide will tell you three simple yet incredibly effective ways to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency.

3 Ways to Improve Your AC Efficiency

Here are three ways that you can improve your air conditioner’s energy efficiency to enjoy proper cooling without letting the energy bills rack up too high.

1. Use the ceiling fan

The ceiling fan is one of the most underrated and underappreciated appliances you can have at home. Did you know that your ceiling fan can make a significant difference in improving your air conditioner’s efficiency?

Ceiling fans don’t provide any cooling themselves. However, they can help your AC do a better job at maintaining ideal indoor temperatures by improving its efficiency. Turning on your ceiling fan can improve the ventilation around your house. With cool air moving more efficiently throughout the house, your AC will not have to work hard on distributing cool air around the house, letting you enjoy lower electricity bills.

2. Keep the curtains closed during the day

The sunlight entering your house through the windows during the day is one of the major reasons your house can become so hot during the day. When the indoor temperatures are higher than they should be, your AC must work harder to keep your home cool, causing additional strain and higher energy bills.

Keeping the curtains closed during the day can keep a lot of the heat from warming the inside of your house, reducing the work your AC has to do to keep the house cool.

3. Schedule AC tune-up services

An air conditioner in optimal working condition can perform better without using too much electricity. Taking the steps above to improve your air conditioner’s performance can only help if your AC is working properly. You should schedule air conditioning tune-up services to ensure that the unit is working efficiently.

Calling an HVAC professional to handle AC tune-up can improve your unit’s performance by addressing minor repairs causing strain, clearing the drain lines, and improving the insulation for your unit’s ductwork, among many other things.

Do You Need Air Conditioning Tune-Up Services?

Taking these steps to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency can work wonders when it comes to keeping your home cool without skyrocketing your energy bills and AC repair costs. AC maintenance is an essential aspect of keeping your air conditioner healthy and ensuring that it is not using more energy than it should to maintain ideal indoor temperatures. If you are looking for air conditioning maintenance and tune-up services, we are here to help.

Call GRmetro Heating and Cooling the pros of everything HVAC-related in Grand Rapids, MI.

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