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3 Great Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

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If you’re ready to take your comfort to the next level, then you’re ready to take those window units out. They have no place in a home where top cooling performance is a goal. We’ve previously written about how the central air conditioner outclasses window units, but it’s getting late in the summer season.  That means that the right time for a central AC installation is coming up. Get it done before the next cooling season gets underway!

Not so sure if central air conditioning in Grand Rapids is really worth the investment? Then you will be after you read this post! There is really no downside that you’ll experience when you decide to go with whole-house cooling. There are, in fact, quite a few benefits that you can expect to enjoy. So read on, be sure to reach out if you’re wondering what type of air conditioner is right for you, and remember that we are here to make your cooling dreams come true.


Enjoy Greater Convenience

You know what’s not so great about window units? Getting them into your windows. Each. And. Every. Season. Lugging those things around, balancing them in the window frame—what’s to like? Nothing!

With a central AC, your single air conditioner reaches the entire house. And you never have to install it on your own, let alone take it out every season! Our professional technicians will make sure that your system fits your home perfectly.

Enjoy Greater Comfort

Ever tried to cool your home evenly when using window units? Ever tried to keep the kids from running them way too hard, driving up your energy costs? Ever heard of Sisyphus? Pushing that boulder up the mountain? That’s what you’re doing when you try to cool your house evenly with window units.

Look, it’s not impossible to live comfortably when you use window units. It’s impossible to match the level of comfort that you’ll get when you choose a central air conditioner, though. Don’t be pulled in by a cheaper upfront cost. Whole-house cooling is the way to go.

Enjoy Better Efficiency

Modern central air conditioners are more efficient than ever, and yes, they’re more efficient than window units. Chances are that you’ll have some gaps in your window frames when you put in window units, and you’re going to be running multiple units to cool your home. With a professionally sized and installed central AC, you are not going to have to worry about such problems.

So why not take the plunge and give us a call? Be it a traditional split central AC or a heat pump, we’ll find the right system for your needs. We’ll make sure that it is integrated into your home with the utmost care, and you can definitely count on us for the ongoing maintenance service that your system will need to continue excelling in all aspects of its performance. Take those window units out for the last time!

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