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Your HVAC Guide for 2021

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Your HVAC Guide for 2021

Can you believe it’s here already? It feels like we blinked our eyes for a second this spring and now we’re all of a sudden days away from 2021. While this is a phenomenon we’re all getting over, we need to act like this new year is still coming, even if it feels surreal. For many homeowners, this year will signify a big change—paying more attention to their HVAC systems.

Some homeowners might pay more attention to their air conditioners while others might care more about their heaters. We’re thankful for homeowners who are deciding to be more proactive regardless of the system, and we’re always going to help you reach the goals you set. That’s why we’ve decided to comprise a dedicated 2021 guide for homeowners that want to do right by their HVAC in Grand Rapids, MI. Keep your eyes peeled for some tips to stay vigilant and to prevent repairs in 2021.

Change Filters Regularly

We talk about changing air filters a lot on this blog, but here’s a tip that we never really mention. Try setting up a rotating schedule with your heater and air conditioner (or if you have a heat pump, just one schedule for the whole year), where you replace the air filter every month or so. Once you start treating this job like any other chore, your HVAC system will thank you for it. You won’t have to read about our reminders to change your air filter, your heating and air conditioning bills will go down, and your system will last a lot longer than otherwise.

Avoid Making Things Worse

Most problems we see are ones that homeowners actively made worse. Be a more responsible homeowner this year and help your HVAC system achieve success.

  • Don’t close off vents. This doesn’t make certain areas of your home any more comfortable, it just makes the job harder for your HVAC system.
  • Don’t run things too hot or too cold to compensate. Milder temperatures are always better, and if your HVAC system can’t handle them, you need some help.
  • Don’t shut your heater off when you’re not home. When temperatures suddenly drop and your pipes burst, you’ll regret having turned your heater off to save money.

Upgrade Your Thermostat

When will you know that you need a new thermostat? Well, if you’re still using an analog thermostat or an old digital one that only lists out the numbers and nothing else, then you probably need a new one.

Frankly, all of these problems can be avoided with a state of the art smart or Wi-Fi thermostat that can give you better control over your heating system. Change temperatures from anywhere, detect and work on bad heating or cooling habits, and you’ll be able to more easily locate a problem.

Work with a Trustworthy Team

When you need help, are you going to go to the lowest priced contractor in the area? Usually, that kind of work shows and you’ll run into the same problems year after year. When you work with a team like ours, you’ll encounter more long-term solutions and you won’t need to worry so much about this kind of stuff.

Call GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc for comprehensive HVAC care in 2021!

Dwight Engelsma Photo, Owner photo
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Dwight Engelsma, founder of GRmetro Heating and Cooling Inc, has been in the home services industry for 30 years. After working in HVAC for several years, he set out to open a company that focused on providing unbeatable customer service from industry experts.

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