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Providing the best, low cost Air Conditioning repair in Grand Rapids, MI

Providing the best, low cost AC repair in the Grand Rapids area

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Grand Rapids Air Conditioning Repair & Installation


Stay cool this summer, protect the safety of your loved ones, and save money on energy with air conditioning installation and AC repair in Grand Rapids with GRMetro Heating and Cooling. We only employ NATE-certified employees to provide the best air conditioner repair and installation in the West Michigan area, and can promise you the fairest prices.

Air Conditioning Service in Grand Rapids, MI

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Air Conditioning Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

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Why Choose GRmetro

When choosing us for your AC repair or installation needs, you will receive these amazing benefits:

  • Trustworthy, background checked and drug-tested employees
  • Professional, kind, and expert service calls
  • American-made air conditioner repair parts
  • Quick Emergency Service
  • Fair Prices
  • The best warrantees on our product
  • The best guarantees on our services
  • Regular maintenance options to provide peace of mind
  • AC strategies to save on your energy costs

24/7, 365-Day Repair Service

Yep, you read that right; we never close!  We are open every single day of the year because we understand that a malfunctioning heater or air conditioner cannot wait, especially during extreme weather.  We make exceptional customer service our top priority. We do everything we can to ensure you receive the best possible emergency heater and air conditioning repair in Grand Rapids in as quick a time as possible.


You’ll receive the highest quality products and services in the cooling industry. Our technicians are continually educated on the latest in the AC industry and modern technology.

NATE-Certified Technicians

Our Technicians are the Best and we are very proud of them

Upfront Pricing

No surprises here! We do great work at a fair price and our customers appreciate it.

Uniformed Employees

Opening your home to a stranger can be uncomfortable, so we arrive looking & acting professional.

Peace of Mind

We offer the best warranties in the industry and we guarantee our work.

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AC Installation and AC Repair in Grand Rapids Area

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What Questions Can We Answer for You?

Here are some of the common questions we get asked about our AC Repair Service:

How Can I Tell If My Air Conditioner Needs Repairs?

It actually isn’t that difficult to determine if your AC unit requires a tune-up, but it can be difficult for homeowners to know if their AC is actually working or not. The common signs that your air conditioning unit needs repairs are: no cool air; poor airflow; thermostat problems; moisture where it shouldn’t be; strange sounds; and strange smells.




If you notice any of these symptoms, contact us right away and we’ll come out to your home as soon as we can to check out your AC unit.

What Does the AC Repair Service Include?

Typically, you can expect to receive from a NATE certified technician a visual inspection of the AC unit and its components; a full system performance test; state-of-charge and system control tests; and can include a leak detector and a dye detection test (used to indicate a slow leak).

What Are Common Problems with AC Units?

The five most common problems with AC units are: faulty wiring, low refrigerant, a faulty outside fan, malfunctioned outdoor unit, and a frozen coil. We can provide a solution to all of these common problems.

When Should I Look into a New AC Unit?

One of the strongest considerations that factors into the decision of whether to replace or repair an air conditioning unit is age. If your unit is 15 years or older, it may be time to consider a new more energy efficient model.  When an AC system is relatively young, in most cases it makes sense to repairs the problem and put off replacement. As the unit gets older, however, efficiency decreases while the cost of repairs tends to increase, making the decision to replace more obvious.

Ultimately, the decision to repair or replace must come from you, the homeowner; however, with assistance from sources such as GRmetro Heating and Cooling you’ll be able to make the best decision to keep your home comfortable and your AC unit working efficiently.

What Model is Right for Me?

Selecting an air conditioner is similar to buying a car.  There are many different sizes, styles and brand, with various capabilities and options, all costing different amounts.  Other things to consider are: what kind of demands your home has for air conditioning and what the homeowners preferences , coupled with what kind of utility company rebates are available will determine what type of air conditioner you ultimately select. GRmetro will use our knowledge and experience to help you select the right make and model for yours situation, by asking just a few questions and analysing the size and layout of your home.

What Do Air Conditioning Units and Repairs Cost?

Prices change all the time.  Amazingly, some air conditioning units are actually going down in price with the advancement in production and technology.  It is very hard and usually misleading to list prices on a website because all homes and situations are different.  We believe the responsible thing to do is have a simple conversation with the homeowner, survey your home and existing system, then provide an upfront pricing quote.  Our customers appreciate our upfront pricing which guarantees no surprises.  Contact us here.

What if I’m Not Sure When My Last Maintenance Check Was?

If you do not know when the last time you had your home comfort system looked at, it is probably time to have a comprehensive safety and efficiency check performed.  Our NATE certified technicians will give your system a complete check and provide you with a comprehensive report on the status of your home comfort system.

What If I Can’t Afford a New Air Conditioning System?

Having a major home appliance fail is a frustrating experience, especially if your household budget is tight.  That is why GRMetro Heating and Cooling provides our customers with quick easy financing to approved buyers. Click here to get started and receive the status of your approval in as little as 20 minutes.

How Can You Save Me Money on My Bills?

If your AC system is 15 years or older, chances are it’s running on borrowed time.  In today’s fast paced world, technology changes rapidly.  Modern air conditioners are very different from older models.  They are run much more efficiently, quieter, and use the latest technology to harness the most out of your energy usage.  Providing manufacturer recommended maintenance also insures your system runs more efficiently while achieving a longer expected service life.

Will GRmetro Respect My Home

Absolutely!  When we’re in your home, whether for AC repair or a new installation, we treat it with the greatest care.

We lay down drop cloths to protect your floors in the general work area.  We wear booties to further ensure cleanliness as we move through your home.  We also wear gloves to prevent grease and dirt from smudging the walls, doors, thermostat, etc. Most AC repair or installation jobs create some amount debris, so we make sure that it is completely cleaned up before we leave.


Questions and Answers about Air Conditioner Repair from GRmetro

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We don’t want you to suffer this summer with a poor air conditioning system.  Our top priority is to provide comfort and protection from those hot humid days, and keep the bills down so you can enjoy the rest of the summer.

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